Peanut M&M #13

Blocker - Ped Maulers and All-Stars

I’d say I’m a jolly basic gal, with slightly minimal height.
Some may describe me as a people-pleasing Mennonite.

During my days I work at a camp, and like being with friends into the night.
I like trying new foods, and enjoy making a tasty bite.

I love family, swimming and the ocean…ooh, just the sight.
I dig popcorn, laughing often, and trying’ to keep my rhymes tight.

Likes: a good rap mixed with some instrumental music, super moons, and the top part of pizza

Dislikes: snakes, flat tires and seafood

Favorite Song: The only songs that come to mind are the ones I ALWAYS heard at the skating rink growing up - American Pie by Don Mclean and Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Rae Cyrus.