Haught Plate #75


Ped Maulers Captain, Jammer/Blocker - Ped Maulers

I began skating with OCCRD in Summer 2016. I fell in love with the contact sport and my sassy teammates immediately. I wish I could live in my roller-skates! When my family goes on bike rides, you’ll see me roller-skating behind them. This year, on the track, I hope to improve my speed, jumping, and track awareness. Between drills I like to work on my spins and making people laugh.  When I’m not on the track, you can find me driving my kids around, baking, or playing guitar.

Likes: honesty, making music, my favorite people

Dislikes: clutter, mushrooms, over-baked cookies

Favorite song to skate to: Let ‘Em Say by Lizzo & Caroline Smith