Felix #11


Jammer and Blocker - All Stars / Ped Maulers

I’m a board gaming, nature exploring dog-lover that also studies Sociology at the University of Iowa. Though I hail from Buffalo, NY, I’ve lived in Iowa City for the past several years and am starting to love the humidity and ice. In my spare time, I make a mean tofu scramble and can huck a frisbee with great force. I have friends. (Written by Peanut M&M)

Likes: my dog Maggie, having a roommate (doesn’t matter who, though mine is pretty great), and shows on MTV

Dislikes: meat, people writing my bio for me, and bad drivers

Favorite song: Slow Hands by Niall Horan or Mulan’s I’ll Make a Man Out of You

Q&A with Felix

// Interview by: Steph Infection

You moved here from Buffalo to study Sociology at UIOWA. How does your hometown compare to IC? What do you miss (or not)?

Buffalo is wonderful and everyone should go visit. I also tell everyone from Buffalo that Iowa is wonderful and they should come visit. I think Buffalo is a bit bigger, a bit more diverse, and just a bit less “midwestern-nice.” I miss the less humid summers, the hockey-watching, and definitely all the Felixs living there. 

You own a dog--Maggie--does she also hail from Buffalo? What dog-friendly places around here do you guys like to visit when the weather is tolerable?

Maggie is a native of Niagara Falls (or at least that's where they found her roaming before she was taken to the animal shelter). We're big fans of Hickory Hill, Woodpecker, and the dog park.

I took a few sociology sections in undergrad and really enjoyed them, though I ended up choosing the English major and going on to study poetry in grad school. If we're speaking in ideals, both the social sciences and poetry are used as vehicles for social change, and in that sense I would say they share a collective imagination. The poets are obviously invested in a more qualitative means to that end. Tell me about your research, what motivates your research, but do it as a poem.


Roses are red. Violets are blue. I study mental health stigma. Because I think it's important to. (quitting sociology to be a poet)

You're known on the team for your “fancy footwork” due in part to having played hockey in the past. I mean, you’re usually asked to demo a thing or two wherever cones are involved at practice. Is there a skill you haven't quite mastered? What have you been working toward this season?

Well thanks. I am barely mediocre at anything related to my toe stops. I also haven't quite mastered the skill of communication, so that's something I should probably be working towards. One day. Maybe. 

What were you raised to appreciate?

Social justice, tofu, and the outdoors.

What is one topic you could easily spend an hour talking about?

My dog. 

Describe the last time you were afraid.

A kitten got stuck in a very tall tree today and that was terrifying to me. Luckily, Brute saved the day. 

Describe the last time you were awestruck.

When Brute saved a kitten from a tree like a true hero would. 

Do you have any pre-game rituals or good luck charms?

HA. Not answering this one. 

Recommend an all-time favorite book, tv show or movie.

The Office. More specifically, every Creed Bratton scene.

Roller derby can be time consuming. What is it that keeps you coming to practice?

Definitely the people. They're all pretty great humans (except Megan—she's just okay).

If someone came to you expressing an interest in playing derby what advice would you give to them?

Try it! I would also send them in the direction of my teammates who could provide more info about joining/be more convincing than me.